Fast & Studious Business License

Fast & Studious Business license for collaborating teams 5 users and one floating license - MS Windows laptops Please read the description for System Requirements. Everything in Pro plus: - Unlimited models space - Custom process libraries - No limit on instanciation

Fast&Studious is a .exe that runs on an MS Windows Laptop. If you want to run it on another system, you will have to use a MS Windows emulator.

System requirements allow running it it on almost any Laptop see details.

Software installation requires downloading the distribution first, please look at the tutorial and Installation requirements.

In order to benefit from you 5 accounts:

  • Send an email with up to 5 emails that will be able to connect to your business workspace with this license.
  • Ask each user to register on the site, this is where he will define his password for using Fast&Studious.

What you will get to run this service:

  1. A software package that you will put in a directory of your laptop on which you have execution rights. You will get a link to this package in your order confirmation.
  2. A workspace where you will edit and use your projects information
  3. Your login and password are the one you use to log into this site.
  4. Access to online tutorial and documentation
  5. online support:
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